The Art of Seduction (Character Types) – Part 1

First of all, you may find this subject vaguely superficial, but I assure you – it’s not. As the years went by, I never did forget about that book I read when I was just a teenage girl fooling around. It made a huge impact on me and made me realize how beautifully flawed humans are. I say “beautifully” because back then I did not know any better. 😀

Okay so, this topic is (as you can notice) inspired by the book “The Art of Seduction” by Robert Greene. Now, I must say that this is a sort of an overview mashed along with some of my thoughts and conclusions, I did not invent these types or their characteristics.
The core belief of this book is based on the fact that seduction is a psychology game in which beauty is irrelevant. As society knows, seduction is the process of deliberately enticing a person to engage in a relationship, to lead astray, to corrupt, to persuade or induce someone to engage in some behavior. But, there is more to it – seduction is a way of attracting masses as well as individuals. It can be used even politically and socially. Think of all of the famous or popular people out there. Aren’t they all seducers?
“Every seduction has two elements that you must analyze and understand: first, yourself and what is seductive about you; and second, your target and the actions that will penetrate their defenses and create surrender.” – Robert Greene

Now, you must understand your own seductive energy before even beginning to read about the process, because it can only help you to understand yourself and accept your traits or change them for the better. Remember, every single person can be seduced except the one who is already completely satisfied and happy in love (and that is, let’s be sincere – really rare).

These are 9 types of seducers: Siren, Rake, Ideal lover, Dandy, Natural, Coquette, Charmer, Charismatic, the Star and the Anti-seducer. According to me, these described extremes of characters are very rare and honestly that’s a good thing because seducers are very manipulative and can seriously hurt others for the purpose of their own vanity. But, what most people have is a tendency, traits or same kind of energy as some of the individual seductive characters. And that is… completely normal (phew) 😀

In this blog post I am only going to write about 5 of them because otherwise it would be a very long read. Let’s start.

  • SIREN – Symbol: Water – You can’t get a hold of her. (example: Merlin Monroe)

You can throw away all of your troubles and engage in alluring and dangerous fantasy with a powerful image of a Siren. This persona represents the ultimate male fantasy – and is described in the book as a female figure, but I can also imagine this character in a male role (maybe something like the character of Christian Grey). Her greatest virtue is her physical appearance and no, beauty has nothing to do with this because even a beautiful person can bore their partner easily. It’s more about the behavior, confidence and extremely noticeable sexual energy.
A siren’s feminine presence is felt every time she walks into the room, she is a real lady with a pinch of mystery and danger. A siren will never talk loud or fast, she pronounces everything very softly due to her erotic but at the same time a bit naive voice. Take Merlin Monroe as an example, she is all of those things. Also, a siren’s appearance (clothes and accessories) must always be on point, she is after all – a goddess, a myth, a fatal attraction.
The siren is a rare flower, an illusion, a strong vision and a passport to a place in which you are totally submitted and helpless. You will have the feeling that this figure can make every one of your desire come alive if you could only make her yours. She will never bore you and you would gladly spend all eternity with this creature. Then you will be free of all boundaries and mundane responsibilities of life. But the siren is not easy to get, she is refined but playful, distanced and very prominent.
That sense of danger drives people crazy. If you want to be a Siren, or tend towards it, you must always have some fun, irrational or adventurous statements and decisions. That will drive people crazy because men always cling to logic and carry that burden of constant rationality. Many of them dream to be free, and next to you – they can. And that is seductive as hell.
They can conceive their sexual energy in front of society by appearing a bit innocent and unaware of men’s desires. Still, the greatest enemy a Siren can have is the process of getting old because she will slowly start to lose her power as mystical and vibrant sexual being.

  • RAKE – Symbol: Fire – Dangerous, extreme and out of control. (Example: Don Juan)

This (described as a male character) man will chase and devour a woman until his task is complete. He is guided by his desires and impulses and what’s incredibly seductive here is the fact that he is not having any kind of second thoughts of pursuing the victim. He makes them feel special under dangerous circumstances, they don’t know what he will do for “love”, maybe he will cross the line and act irrationally. The Rake will make a victim feel as if she is the object of worthiness, the special woman he is after, when in fact the truth lies in his twisted wish of accomplishments. He seems to be willing of destroying everything and everyone until he gets to the victim and that is consuming, powerful and disarming.
If you want to know what is the most important thing with this character maybe you should consider watching John Malkovich in “Dangerous Liaisons”. He is devilishly smart with words, inconsiderate of proper behavior, cruel, willing to do anything and known for seducing women. So, you may think why would anyone fall for this type knowing his history? Knowing that he is such an unethical and arrogant person?
First of all, there is something seductive about being a womanizer – women tend to believe that they can change him for the better and that is their biggest mistake. And secondly, after all, everyone wants to be an object of desire. Often the noblest women fall in love with the Rake – they see unethical behavior as something so huge and can’t help themselves but believe that they are something very special for him to act that way. And for the Rake, it’s a normal way of behaving, there is nothing unethical, he has no morals. That’s why they give in. Then he loses interest and goes on.

  •  IDEAL LOVER – Symbol: A portrait painter – In his art, all of your flaws dissapear.  (Example: Casanova)

Prepare yourself for being “whole” again, because being with the Ideal Lover is in fact being with your hidden desires. Yeah, this character is really sneaky and top notch manipulator. Take Giacomo Casanova for an example – his seduction style is the same as this one. He meets a girl, discovers her values, unresolved issues and hidden desires through conversation and projects that onto himself.
We all tend to have some kind of ideas – about what we or what a perfect person should be and usually these ideas are conceived in childhood (no surprise here). We may feel like something is missing, maybe we should be or do something else, but we don’t know how. The second when some person appears to possess those things or the power to make us feel like we own those qualities – we fall in love.
The victim falls in love because all of her/his unresolved dreams (maybe have more courage, live outside of the box, be a lawyer or travel the world etc) are composed in this person. That is by itself very seductive, knowing that someone is living the perfect life and can take us on his perfect journey. We can be the person we always wanted and that causes instant admiration because the Ideal Lover is smart and acts his part very wisely while convincing us that we are very special. They must be telling the truth, right? After all, we already got the opinion of them being the ideal perfect creature? Do you see what this type is aiming?
And those traits or qualities we want for ourselves may be extremely easy to achieve but nevertheless, in our eyes, the Ideal Lover is a perfection – because we couldn’t be like that, we couldn’t live like that… He is imitating our beliefs and creates a whole new personality based on our values.

  •  DANDY – Symbol: An orchid – Pure delicacy, unlike any other flower. (Example: George Sand)

This person falls into no category because of their natural wits and fluent personality, they are truly free and that excites us. Dandies are really something special, one of a kind and out of the ordinary. Many of us are trapped into the life which society expects but Dandies don’t care about rules, morals and principles, they only care about doing what they want and that kind of freedom is really seductive.
A dandy will always behave and look different, so their style will be often imitated from a lot of people. That means that Dandies can seduce even whole societies because of their confidence, a new way of putting things together and controversial behavior. The key to this character is to be unique but not in the sense of attracting attention purposely because that may backfire as desperation. You must fascinate everything and everyone unconsciously without even trying, that’s the natural power of Dandies.
Apart from looks, dandies have a certain way of life – they are a bit hedonistic, brave, arrogant and don’t give a damn about anybody’s opinion. In this world where many people are robots or trapped in being polite, this traits can awake a great deal of admiration.
Maybe they don’t care about people but they can make up for that in the love field by possessing some traits of the other gender. A male dandy can attract a woman with possessing plenty of feminine aspects – grace, attentive, caring, smooth skin etc. He is still masculine in his actions and thoughts, but everything about him is absolutely out of the box. The same thing applies with female dandies – she can dress like a man, be independent, loud and dominant, always take things in control.
All men and woman don’t know what to do when their own weapon is used against them, because dandies break the stereotypes of what a woman or a man should act/look like.

  • NATURAL – Symbol: Lamb – The weakness is a part of its charm. (Example: Charlie Chaplin)

Oh they seem so free, naive and tiny! These characters have that childlike spirit which is very seductive in the means of – we became adults and forgot all the joys of being with no worries. They seem so innocent and sweet that you immediately have the urge to protect them. Naturals remind us of a time when everything was spontaneous, careless and fun. Children learn the way to play with their charms as a way of getting everything they want. It’s a powerful technique which Naturals know how to use it. If you tend towards this style of seduction, you already know that Naturals are grown-ups who think like adults and have a good sense of reason, they don’t possess the awareness of a 6-year-old. The seductiveness is in their way of life – their unbreakable spirit, offering you all the joys of living while making you believe that they are fragile and in need of your heroism, they are (as I would say) innocent little devils.
A natural can attract even the biggest crowds – take Charlie Chaplin as an example. He was some sort of a “child-adult”, very charming with an innocent appearance. Everybody loved him.
But, every seduction has troubles if not done properly. Being a natural can have a consequence – you can become irritating and boring (just as a kid can be sometimes). Don’t fall into that trap, you must always know your boundaries.

This post covers only 5 of the seducers, there are 4 more (+ the Anti-seducer) – you can read about them in the following link. And, I must point out, these descriptions are nothing (I repeat – nothing :D) compared to the original book because I only wrote the most important parts of the characters. The types of seducers are only the first part of the book, there is also that part with the types of victims and the process of seduction – explained step by step. If you want to know more I would advise you to read the book because it has a lot of information.

I am glad you read this post, hope you found it useful and if you want to leave a comment or ask something feel free to do so! 😀

Stay positive,

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